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The Miracle of Surrender

August 26, 2021

In my 30 years as a spiritual seeker, I can tell you that I’ve explored many alternative therapies, energetic practices and 12-step programs. I’ve been initiated into shamanic and yogic lineages, as well as alchemical processes conducted by saints and ascended masters in their sacred places all over the world. These experiences have instigated powerful interior purifications, sometimes very unexpected, that shifted not only deep-rooted thought patterns and behavior, but activated visionary capacities and physical transformations.


Recently, I was asked about the disease model of the 12-step programs and if the concept of accepting powerlessness over an addiction as the path to healing it continues to be valid when working with the Quantum Light Practice. We grappled with several more questions that came up in our contemplation such as: Wouldn’t accepting defeat or admitting that one has an incurable flaw create a distorted perception of oneself that’s disempowered? How can I do this when I’ve spent my entire life trying to empower myself as a woman or as a minority? Aren’t we all children of God in the process of recognizing our own wholeness and perfection amidst an often chaotic and unjust world? So here lies one of the greatest paradoxes in spiritual philosophy…the proclamation offered to us by many of the world’s most beloved mystics…the idea that “one must lose one’s life in order to find it.” This spiritual paradox reveals how one must surrender, or give up the illusion of control, in order to activate the very real divine power inside of us.


At the crucial moment of surrender to a power greater than oneself, the individual mind relinquishes the delusion of control and surrenders its human will to the creative life force of the universe. I turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand God. This is a calling to profoundly surrender to an interior and highly sacred RELATIONSHIP with the divine, NOT to an institution or ideology. I simply admit that I’ve reached the end of my pain and the addiction-driven suffering that has enslaved me. I am humbled, on my knees and asking for help.


This is the moment that every mystical tradition emphasizes and illuminates…the moment when the small self crumbles and submits to a greater Divine Self. It is the individual human will that surrenders and then miraculously merges with divine will. For some it takes a great deal of suffering to reach this point, for others not so much, and many will never get there at all in this life. It all happens through grace, according to divine timing. The addiction itself is the KEY that opens the door to the brilliance of surrender and a supernatural intervention…the gradual merging of human will with Divine Will, so that the mind becomes more and more identified with and surrendered to a Higher Power, above and beyond any perceived human weakness or flaw.  


The wound is the place where the Light enters you.



The Quantum Light Practice may complement any recovery program. Surrender activates the divine power within, like turning on the electricity that runs through a house. That light running through the house illuminates all the shadow and darkness we must face, so we need the skills and support to navigate the natural purification that occurs. This purification of our inner world can be overwhelming and even devastating at times as we face all the patterns of separation rooted in the greatest human delusion of them all…the belief that we are separate from our own Divine Self. 


The mental and emotional patterns that come forth into the light are deep-rooted coping mechanisms, and we’ve been using them for a very long time. Part of the challenge of purifying these patterns is the common human impulse to numb difficult feelings. Using a substance is just one of many ways humans avoid feeling, which is why it can be frustrating to find that even after letting go of the problematic substance, we can still function from imprints of suffering and lack unconsciously.


The Quantum Light Practice offers very specific energetic techniques to learn how to process strong emotions like guilt and shame. Until we choose to do this work, the unprocessed emotion or trauma continues to vibrate inside of us, attracting experiences that match our unconscious vibration. As we purify these coping mechanisms, traumas and mental distortions, and integrate them with our emerging Divine Self, a tremendous amount of creative energy is released and recalibrated to our present-time daily experience. We begin to recover lost parts of ourselves that fragmented through shock or rejection. We can now access nourishing energy streams and revitalize our spirits with gifts and talents that may have gone dormant during our suffering.


Extraordinary experiences of channeling and clairvoyance were revealed to me when I was liberated from my own addictions and patterns of “toning down” my sensitivity in order to fit into a reality that was not my own. I look forward to sharing all that I can with you NOW as we embark on our Virtual Pilgrimage!

All Aboard!

I am here to support YOU

as you uncover your own gifts of Ascended Mastery through the miracle of Surrender!


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The Green Mother is a collective of Divine Archetypes and Ascended Light Beings that we can intimately relate to as facets of our own Divine Union. Our multidimensional communication with them through channeled transmissions assists us to break through that classic Starseed pattern of loneliness, isolation, or resistance into a luscious flow of heavenly support and wisdom. This newly conceived, cutting-edge Quantum Light Practice offering consists of 6 Sacred Site Activations. Each week you will participate in LIVE 90-minute sessions that will unfold beautifully and organically as a VIRTUAL PILGRIMAGE. Each session in the series builds on the previous one and will be transmitted multidimensionally from a sacred site specifically chosen to illuminate divine qualities inside of you as you are lovingly transformed into a holy vessel that anchors and emanates the sovereign Green Mother vibration.

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