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Starseed Nation: Holding Space for Global Transformation

November 06, 2020

While the mind may cling to the hope that things will soon return to “normal,” the spirit is exhilarated by the infinite possibilities and magical transformations that come through letting go of what is familiar and leaping into what has never before been experienced. That human part of us that wants to know, that wants to feel in control, no longer holds the reins in the current evolutionary climate on our beloved Gaia. Anything that gives us the illusion of control is simply falling apart before our eyes.


As I write this blog, the outcome of the 2020 election in the United States of America is still unknown. It appears that even when a winner is finally announced, the actual outcome may still remain uncertain. A mind that longs for this “to be over” so that we can get back to normal will not find relief. We still have so much work to do! About fifty percent of the nation fully believes one thing as the other fifty percent believes the complete opposite. It is clear that we the people are completely polarized. The announcement of a winner will not ease the discomfort because the polarization is rooted deep inside ourselves in the delusion that we are separate from each other and our divine source. We are living in this delusion, firmly believing that our leadership creates the inner discomfort and polarization, when the key to relief is addressing this polarization inside ourselves.


Our human world exists as a series of polarizations. We experience shadow and light, fear and love, good and bad, masculine and feminine. The internal pressure of these opposites is what creates growth and depth in our lives. Until we become conscious of how we internally navigate and come into balance with these polarities, we will be living in the delusion of separation. We will continue to struggle with how others behave or think. We will judge ourselves and others as right or wrong. We will look for ways to control our powerful emotions through judgement, shame and fear. We will continue to feel proud about how diverse and conscious we are, while not allowing others to express a different opinion. We will be consumed with hatred towards those we believe to be the cause of all this division and discomfort, as our own inner being continues to emanate this very division and discomfort into our homes and relationships.


How does one shift into another trajectory?


Because our discomfort does not come from the outer world, the solution will not come from the outer world. Changing our outer circumstances or leadership rarely creates lasting change unless it comes from an interior shift in perception.


There is a way to use our emotional reactions to the outer world for our benefit if we have the courage to stop blaming our circumstances or the behavior of others and face these challenging emotions inside ourselves. Reactions such as fear, outrage and despair are actually emotional triggers that serve us as we go through the purification processes that lead to our own expansion. For more on emotional triggers, click here Emotionally Sober No Matter What.


Starseeds are Beings of Light who have been seeded onto this planet to contribute to the collective expansion of consciousness. If you are reading this blog, if you are drawn to this transformative work, you may actually BE a Starseed. Starseeds have chosen to incarnate specifically at this time of human evolution to support the global paradigm shift from separation consciousness into unity consciousness. That is we no longer perceive ourselves as separate from the Divine Presence. We fully experience ourselves as embodied and sovereign Beings of Light incarnate.


The key to Embodied Sovereignty lies within our grounded and unshakeable connection to the crystalline grid of the Ascended Earth, our alignment with Gaia. This alignment strengthens as we learn to balance our inner polarities and navigate the purification processes that naturally occur as we raise our frequencies to embody our physical vessels as Temples of Light.



Now is the time to find each other! We can support ourselves by joining other Starseeds as we recognize each other and acknowledge all the amazing internal work we’ve all done throughout our lives up until this NOW moment of inevitable change. Powerful Starseed circles are arising all over the world as we come together to hold space for global transformation.


11:11 Cosmic Star Child Transmission

with the Galactic Magdalenes



Join me on Wednesday, November 11th @ 11:00 EST for this evolutionary Starseed offering aligned with the 11:11 Ascension Stargate. We will deepen into our Embodied Sovereignty with the Cosmic Star Child Transmission infused with the divine balancing of inner polarities. Deeply nourish your own precious heart with high frequency activations from Ascended Light Being Sarah, the Cosmic Star Child of the Galactic Magdalene Lineage and Yeshua Christ. We will visit and receive her darshan shamanically at her etheric temple in Glastonbury.

We will call forth and transform that version of ourselves who suffered most in our past, bringing all our past selves into present time with LOVE, completing and collapsing old templates as we come into alignment with Gaia and the natural frequencies of joy and fulfillment. RSVP HERE for Zoom link.



Ana Estrada is a Quantum Light Practitioner with more than 25 years experience of working consciously with Beings of Light and Ascended Masters. Her graduate degrees in Transformative Art and Spirituality took her to the Amazon jungles and the temples of India where she studied shamanic cultures and visionary art making processes. She is certified as an Intuitive Energy Healer in various healing modalities and serves as a channel for the Divine Mother and her sacred Light Language. Ana offers Quantum Light Alignment Sessions privately and at sacred sites around the world.


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