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Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard

December 23, 2018

Is it necessary to travel to India or Peru to have an experience of a sacred site? Going to places that are so well known for their temple traditions or energy vortexes is certainly very special, but what is it about the experience that makes it special? How can we find this same power in our own culture and in our every day experience?


We know that as human beings living in our every day world, we are constantly emanating a vibration that consists of thought patterns and emotions. These patterns and emotions create an energy stream that matches or repels other energy streams. We are attracted to and attract to ourselves people, places and experiences that vibrate with the same frequency as our own. All of these frequencies and energy streams are vibrating all around us at all times and in all conditions. Becoming aware of this is an essential first step in knowing that we have the unconditional power to choose what it is we want to emanate out into the world and what it is we want to experience in our daily lives.


The purpose of our news media system appears to be to make everyone react and feel extreme emotions that continuously feed the system. We become very uncomfortable with heavy frequencies of fear and powerlessness, and then use the information fed to us to find that person or institution we can blame.  We can then spend our time analyzing everything they are doing wrong and checking the news for any breakthroughs of information that we can add to our analysis. We can feel very proud of ourselves for being informed and engaged with what is happening in the world. This very common thought pattern may temporarily relieve our discomfort because our mind believes it has found a solution and begins to work on identifying all the things outside ourselves that are wrong and need to change. This popular practice actually keeps us at the lower frequency we are trying to avoid, constantly feeding a collective energy stream of fear and disempowerment. I am here to tell you, there is another way!


When we become concerned about events happening in the outer world, our best response is to find inner clarity. Yes! We can actually choose the energy stream in which we vibrate! This practice in no way means that we don’t care or that an injustice should be ignored. It does mean we are choosing to cultivate a vibration of clarity so that we may take action from a place of wholeness and neutrality, free of the lower frequencies that create the unnecessary confusion, scapegoating and violence that actually keep the injustices locked in place. In this practice, we are assisting the collective consciousness to vibrate and expand in the frequencies of peace and reconciliation where lasting solutions may be divinely inspired and implemented.


Visiting sacred sites at home and around the world is an amazing way to experience alternative energy streams and cultivate the vibration of choice in our daily lives. When we visit a sacred site, we are entering into a sacred emanation that uplifts our own vibration. Thousands of seekers before us have visited that place to offer prayers and receive blessings. The place may inspire a sense of awe and wonder that temporarily suspends more mundane energy streams of fear and doubt, and we experience our own divinity and a feeling that we are supported. We begin to match that divine frequency of peace and emanate a vibration of love and acceptance. In other words, we simply start feel good!  We feel nourished, supported and loved.


Finding a sacred site in your own urban environment where you may experience these divine frequencies in your every day life is not at all impossible! For example, during the holiday season as a collective consciousness, we are reminded of our own divinity through the archetype of the Magical Tree. Many of us put up a Christmas tree inside our home that becomes a focal point that inspires happiness, generosity and love for our families.   We can also go on a walk just about anywhere and find a Magical Tree that inspires those feelings within us, connecting us to that holiday frequency any time of year.



When I look at the structure of a tree, I notice that the tree is naturally designed to grow deeply rooted into the earth while its branches soar upwards into the heavens. The roots receive water and all the nutrients from the Earth and the green leaves and branches receive light, a process that actually creates oxygen and purifies the air we breathe. Contemplating these fascinating processes in nature is one very simple way to uplift ourselves and experience clarity. When I feel out of sorts or confused in any way, one of my practices is to go for a walk and become very aware of the vibration of the trees all around me. When I focus on the consciousness of the trees, my body and mind begin to match the stability and grounding that emanates from the tree. I sit with the tree and feel the roots firmly planted in the ground beneath me. My body naturally and lovingly matches that sensation. I close my eyes and allow the gentle breeze to caress and soothe my skin. I feel the sunlight that feeds the green leaves being absorbed by every cell inside of me and I see that light expand beyond my own energy field into the world around me. I allow all these peaceful sensations of contentment, equanimity and inner strength to grow and expand. I consciously make the choice to vibrate in the energy stream of peace and wellness.

So let’s take the time to refresh and revitalize ourselves in the energy stream of Choice. You do have the power to choose what you experience and the vibration that you share with the world in your daily life!



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