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Solid as a Rock

April 20, 2019

When traveling to sacred sites on the planet, we are often gifted with a special stone that we may take home with us from that place. The stone holds the vibration of the place and allows us to continue our connection in a physical way to our experience there. We can place these stones on our altars or carry them with us as a talisman or object that holds magical properties that inspire and protect us. In times such as ours, where we appear to be surrounded by chaos, working with stones and crystals is a way to stay in alignment with our spiritual evolution when the outer world does not exactly reflect the experience of divinity.


Holding the stone from that mystical place reminds us of all the realizations and blessings we receive as we navigate our lives in the physical world. In daily life, the practice of grounding has become so crucial to maintain a state of equanimity and clarity in the midst of so much transformation in our physical reality. It is important to remember that in order for true change to occur in the collective consciousness, the breakdown of established structures in society must take place. As hierarchies crumble and paradigms of disempowerment shift, we can observe so much anxiety, unrest and let’s just say it…insanity…in the world around us. If we are grounded, then it becomes so much easier not to get caught up in it and lose ourselves in anger and fear. We can observe what is happening through the eyes of our divinity within. We can learn ways to stay as solid as a rock and hold space for ourselves and others as this breakdown of beliefs and old ways of being that no longer work for us as a collective occurs.


And YES, we will feel vulnerable. We will have times where we are afraid, overwhelmed, disgusted and enraged. We will also know how to allow ourselves to feel these powerful emotions, how to allow them to move through us without treating ourselves and others harshly as a way to find relief.


We learn how to cultivate equanimity no matter what we may experience through Alignment, always holding the awareness of the Divine Presence at work in all that is happening around us. We remain anchored in the knowledge of ourselves as Divine Beings here to assist and hold space for this phenomenal global transformation, taking inspired action from a place of wholeness and clarity in the most efficient and effective ways. We know that as we move from a consciousness of separation into unity, all of our collective shadow must come to the surface to be made conscious and transformed. The shadow and the light are from the same Divine Source. The Shadow brings depth and births a compassionate response to those who may be struggling in their own darkness. Again, we can learn to hold space and know that the light is doing what needs to be done.



Gemstones and crystals are known to be conduits for vibrations that support us in our alignment process. Directly excavated from the deepest layers of the Earth, their rich colors and unique chemical compositions reflect facets of light that amplify and facilitate healing processes. Their vibrations hold divine qualities that support and nourish us when we feel vulnerable with powerful emotions moving through us. They visually uplift us with their beauty.


In our millennial culture where technology has become integral to the ways that we function, where we are constantly navigating information and energies emitted from electronic devices, working with the Earth’s energy encoded within stones and crystals can bring balance to our urban environments. As a mother of a young son who is fascinated with all aspects of technology and becoming quite adept at it, I can see his brain evolving in ways that are beyond my understanding. I can also see when too much technology creates an imbalance in his system. He can get grumpy and emotionally agitated. He disconnects from his body.


So at this point is there any way to say no to technology? Not really, even the Amish now use computers. The key is in finding balance, grounding ourselves in nature and cultivating our connection to the Earth. Here is a very simple and effective way to ground when we find ourselves in an office or a situation where we are unable to physically go outside in the moment.


Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. You can hold your favorite crystal against your heart center and breathe. This practice will immediately bring you into awareness of your body, out of your head and into your heart. Allow the vibration of the crystal, it may be a color or a sensation, to enter into your heart center and breathe. Be aware of Earth beneath you and create a line of energy from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth. Visualize the purest rays of light emanating from a crystal grid at the Earth’s core. The light rises up this line of energy into your spine, expanding throughout your system and being absorbed by every cell of your body. Feel the shift in your vibration and allow that to expand as you bask in the support being offered to you in every moment by the Earth. When we take the time to breathe into it and cultivate this awareness to the point that it becomes our default position in any challenging situation, we will find ourselves to be internally fluid, yet solid as a rock.




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