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Magical Walks

February 24, 2019

Walking in natural areas is one of the most profound ways to start my day grounded and centered in the Divine Presence. In Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard, we become aware that every day experiences become divine through our perceptions. We integrate the body, the breath and delight in the senses with our spiritual practice so that we no longer encounter separation between the Divine and mundane experience. We call this Divine Sight, a mystical practice where we perceive the Divine in everything and everyone around us.


I love to walk around bodies of water. I’ve found a lovely lake close to my son’s school with walking trails. I used to drop him off then rush about doing errands, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I had on my to do list. What a change in my day when I committed to visiting with my own sacred lake first! Taking the time to connect with myself, cultivating the awareness of the Divine Presence within me, before I continue on with my day, is now an act that is non-negotiable, a daily commitment that is just as non-negotiable as brushing my teeth or driving my son to school.


Walking in a circular movement is something that the body and soul will recognize as a centering process. My mind can relax in the sacred container of walking around the lake. For this sacred communion, there is nothing else to do. When the mind is relaxed and focused on the repetitive physical movement, the spirit may find its most magical expressions. The circular movement reflects the non-linear realms where there is no separation between time and space. We can dream, remember, feel and forgive.


Spiritual growth happens in a spiral. Our lives may circle around different themes. Have you ever declared, “Why do I have to deal with this again? I resolved this issue years ago!” And you did! The spiral of growth is simply bringing you a deeper understanding, revealing another layer as a way to strengthen and empower you. These experiences serve to soften our tendencies and conditioned ways of seeing the world. It can be frustrating for sure! But another way may be to smile at the experience and say, “Hello again! I haven’t seen you in a while.” Welcome those challenging reactions or triggers as you would an unruly child, with love and acceptance, and you’ll see yourself flow right through what in the past could have been a setback, with ease and grace!



The circle is a universal symbol of wholeness and unity. Everything is included, even those unruly children. Including those challenging energies back into the wholeness is a way that actually neutralizes their power because we make them conscious. They no longer need to pop up out of the blue to disturb us because they have been attended to. These energies can often be a type of filter that clouds our experience with lower vibrational frequencies if they remain unconscious.


As I process these different levels of awareness, my walk around the lake becomes a meditation that truly revitalizes my vibration. The walking paths surrounding the lake transform into a multidimensional labyrinth where I sense the subtle internal shifts that may appear to carry me away from my center, only to lead me back to my sacred purpose of fulfillment and contentment in the most efficient and expansive way.



Labyrinth designs have appeared throughout history in sacred sites around the globe. One of the most famous labyrinths was carved into the stone floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France around 1200 AD and is known to reveal elements of sacred geometry in numbers and proportions. Walking a labyrinth is also known to be beneficial to brain function as the gentle movements in alternating directions work to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing us to access a more internalized awareness.

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With this practice, we may begin to naturally perceive the divine order and flow underneath all life experiences that may bring unexpected challenges to our lives. The spiral of growth becomes a familiar ally as we become anchored in a rich inner life filled with strength and divine support, making our way back to center.


Explore these processes further in a Quantum Light Alignment Session!

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Tapping into the Quantum Light frequencies such as sound, color, number codes, star gates and holograms has the potency to raise your vibration beyond internalized limitations to more nourishing and expansive energy streams that are always available to you. Approach your life from an empowered space of wholeness, fluidity and divine support!

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