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Holy Waters

January 04, 2019

Water has long been seen as a symbol of rejuvenation and healing from prehistory to present time.  Rivers, springs and wells are often seen as magical places where humans may interact with divine beings.  Just listening to the sound of a running stream is deeply peaceful and grounding.  How do we as humans interact with water and how can we benefit from a sacred encounter with water in our daily lives?


We all know that over 50% of our own bodies are composed of water. Many of us also know of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals that demonstrates the effect that human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water. (For more on this, please see So what do we do with this information? We know that water is a dominant element in our body composition and that our thoughts and beliefs can cause water to react in ways that are both positive and negative.


In finding Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard, we are focusing on our vibrations. How do we cultivate a sacred vibration that permeates every aspect of our daily lives so that our most common experience becomes a divine encounter with our holy selves, so that we see the Divine Presence all around us?


Contemplating water in natural environments is one way to experience water’s sacred teachings. As humans, we have the capacity to engage with the elements through the senses in a way that draws us to an inner source of knowing and physical pleasure, leading us into powerful states of contentment and well being. When I sit at the bank of a river, I feel the Earth beneath me deeply nourishing my human self. I allow that Earth energy to rise up and permeate every cell of my body. I focus on the sound of the flowing movement of water. Any sound carries a vibration and the vibration of water is filled with momentum. This sound has the power of erosion. Obstacles in thoughts or emotions may be gently eroded by a flowing stream, bringing us into the present moment where transformation may occur.



If we are truly asking for transformation, be prepared to allow thoughts that seem to be irreconcilable to arise to the surface of our awareness.   In the present moment, in the flow of the stream, in the wisdom of water, right and wrong do not exist, there is only awareness of what is. What thought or emotion can you surrender to the cleansing power of water? What thought or emotion can you bathe and purify in the holy waters?


For me, I know that I am in a dualistic and painful state when I become very passionate about my point of view to the point where it is difficult to even dialogue about another perspective. This seems to commonly come up these days in discussions about politics! Right? A fun dinner conversation becomes a battlefield of righteousness. The energy of discord is so deep it is seemingly impossible to come into agreement.


What if there doesn’t need to be agreement? What if every viewpoint has its place in Divine Wholeness? In that moment of seemingly irreconcilable differences, take a deep breath and call on the sacred power of water. Does your perspective need to be right, does it need to be the ultimate truth, or is it simply your perspective that you have every right to have and express? Does everyone need to agree with you, or can you allow others to also have and express their own perspective?


Allow the sound vibrations of water to penetrate your mind, to cleanse the need to have anyone agree with you. Allow the healing power of water to nourish and support you, to soothe you in that moment when you may feel silenced or dismissed. Allow the sacred momentum of water to uplift you beyond right and wrong, good and bad…to unity, tolerance and compassion…and watch the holy transformation inside yourself.



“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense.”



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