Rise Rooted and Deepen into Union

June 14, 2021
What a wild ride we’ve been on! BREATHE deeply and know that everything is unfolding as it must in these unprecedented times. The Goddess transforms through Divine Chaos, unraveling all that no longer serves us, expanding and bringing us into alignment with the Ascended Gaia. The division that we continue to observe in the outer world whether it’s a political leader, a virus or a vaccine that holds the projection of being the cause of it, is actually a divine calling to go within and face what is truly disturbing us…the root of all suffering…the illusion that we are separate from our own Divine Self.
We now have the opportunity to use everything that disturbs us in the outer world as fuel to take us deeper into LOVE. Union is not achieved by silencing dissident voices or through “cancelling” a population that does not conform to what we believe to be the right way. Union comes through recognizing that these dissident voices are also inside of us, vibrating as fragmented and wounded parts of ourselves that have gone unconscious. What we see in the outer world is a reflection of those unprocessed emotions and traumas. By bringing them into our awareness to receive love and reconciliation, we can then choose to no longer project our own darkness onto others. We can RISE ROOTED as Embodied Sovereign Beings of Light, honoring ourselves and others as Divine, facing each other as equals as we powerfully hold space for the expansion of consciousness.
The key to EMBODIED SOVEREIGNTY lies within our grounded and unshakeable connection to the crystalline grid of the Ascended Earth, our alignment with GAIA. This alignment strengthens as we surrender to the purification processes that naturally occur as we raise our frequencies and embody our physical vessels as Temples of Light.
As we navigate the global paradigm shift and purify the distorted perceptions within ourselves, empaths and lightworkers can become hypersensitive and struggle with emotional highs and lows. Feelings of ecstasy may arise and quickly dissipate into despair, creating a frustrating emotional roller coaster that does not serve us in challenging situations where we want to function from a place of clarity and awareness, creating our new world with joy as opposed to pain and suffering. In this NOW moment, we can choose to make our transformation a grace-filled experience and fortify ourselves with Courage. We can choose Alignment.
In this Virtual Goddess Channeling and Alignment Circle, we journey to Sekhmet’s Temple in Karnak to receive a Light Language Transmission that activates and anchors us in the frequency of Courage, a divine quality that will continuously assist us to pause and choose our response to the tremendous uncertainty we now face and to take inspired action from a place of wholeness and equanimity. In this way, we can contribute to the collective expansion of consciousness in a way that is uplifting and beneficial to ourselves and others.
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NOW is the time for us Starseeds to gather and receive the EMERALD GAIA TRANSMISSIONS that will nourish and support us in all areas of our lives! No matter what is occurring in the outer world, we can choose the dimension of reality we create and play in. Join us as we complete templates of lack and deepen into Union with high frequencies of abundance showered upon us by our Galactic Star Family.
LIVE EVENT! Saturday, June 19th @ 10:00 am EDT
EMERALD GAIA TRANSMISSION to activate your MONEY MUSE! Infuse your entire BEing with the divine opulence and bliss of the Ascended Gaia. YOU are infinitely loved and worthy to receive all that is yours to be, do and have!
Ana Estrada is a Quantum Light Practitioner with more than 25 years experience of working consciously with Beings of Light and Ascended Masters. Her graduate degrees in Transformative Art and Spirituality took her to the Amazon jungles and the temples of India where she studied shamanic cultures and visionary art making processes. She is certified as an Intuitive Energy Healer in various healing modalities and serves as a channel for the Divine Mother and her sacred Light Language. Ana offers Quantum Light Alignment Sessions privately and at sacred sites around the world.

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