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Mt Shasta Root Chakra Upgrade


Upgrade the vibration of your Root Chakra to Divine Sovereignty! In the current global paradigm shift, we are collapsing old templates of survival and victim consciousness that are no longer valid in our alignment with Gaia. Power over/power under dynamics and other patterns of oppression will be completed and dissolved. Create emotional and mental stability in challenging times with powerful Light Language transmitted to you from Mount Shasta.

Match your vibration to this powerful sacred place with 3 Light Language Transmissions:

  • RECEIVE the grace of your Sovereign Divinity and BE emotionally sober no matter what is occurring in the outer world.
  • KNOW that all beings are EQUAL and meet with others in inspired action from a place of Wholeness...
    Divine to Divine, Light Being to Light Being, Peer to Peer.
  • CHOOSE to complete what no longer serves you and embody your divine birthright of Sovereignty!

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