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Illumination Codes


The Illumination Codes offer a sequence of activations and energetic attunements that will restore you to balance and equanimity in challenging times of collective and planetary transformation. Having a multidimensional illumination of yourself as a Divine Being of Light incarnated into this physical reality brings you into a powerful state of Alignment, which is what we are all seeking in challenging times…to feel grounded and clear, empowered in our choices and responses in the outer world with the capacity to discern and take inspired action when necessary. The Codes will activate a sustained experience of Co-Creation in loving partnerships with powerful expressions of Gaia, the Cosmic Light and the Inner Divinity that will continuously radiate love and support in your daily life.


Each of the 4 Illumination Codes will be activated and attuned through the Quantum Light frequencies of sound, color, number codes and Goddess archetypes brought forth from other dimensions to support you in your evolution. Each Code module will begin with a Green Mother Activation, followed by a Goddess Attunement and Star Light Code to seal and integrate the divine frequencies. This program includes a 90 minute private Channeling and Alignment Session (valued at $197.) to be scheduled during your program so that you may also have a private and supported sacred space to address deeper issues and questions that may arise in your integration process.


Code 1

  1. a) Green Mother Activation ~ Awakened Neutrality
  2. b) Goddess Attunement ~ White Buffalo Woman
  3. c) Star Light Code ~ Venus Light

Code 2

  1. a) Green Mother Activation ~ Authentic Voice
  2. b) Goddess Attunement ~ Brigid
  3. c) Star Light Code ~ Cosmic Star Child

Code 3

  1. a) Green Mother Activation ~ Divine Co-Creation
  2. b) Goddess Attunement ~ Corn Mother
  3. c) Star Light Code ~ Rainbow Heart

Code 4

  1. a) Green Mother Activation ~ Resonance
  2. b) Goddess Attunement ~ Danu
  3. c) Star Light Code ~ Star of Wonder

As you learn to balance internal discord and duality by transforming shadow qualities and completing destructive emotional and mental patterns which up until this moment were common ways of coping, you will awaken to the truth of your divinity. You will be lovingly supported by your own team of Goddess mentors who will illuminate infinite opportunities to grow and expand with effortless beauty and grace. Heaven on Earth comes through Alignment with Source, the Ascended Gaia and your own brilliant Essence. In this way, you will tap into new energy streams that were previously inaccessible to you, creating a ripple effect of healing and MAGIC in all your interactions and the world around you.

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