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Quantum Light Practice

ACTIVATE your Divine Codes and unique Ascended Mastery, a graceful path to your most authentic expression and mission.


RECALIBRATE your system with the Quantum Light frequencies that raise your vibration to match your VISION and establish your system in SOVEREIGNTY, a rock-solid awareness of who you are as a Being of Light incarnate.


ALIGN with the Divinity that is YOU!


Sometimes when we are in a paradigm shift, we may feel completely out of sorts as though our lives are falling apart. In the Quantum Light Practice, we access the tools and technologies that allow us to completely change our perspective, to see ourselves as coming together!

Meet Ana
I am an experienced Quantum Light Practitioner who has been working with energetic frequencies and Ascended Beings of Light for many years and lifetimes. I know exactly how to support you in your process because I have done this intensive transformational work for myself first. In my process, I encountered and worked through layers of ancestral conditioning and trauma, some of which came from my Cuban family’s political exile in the United States before I was born. Ancestral imprints such as these can manifest as deep-rooted dysfunctional patterns of fear that unconsciously play like a static in the background of our daily lives.


I also had empathic abilities that were not acknowledged as a child. I was seen as being overly emotional and too sensitive. I always felt ashamed about my sensitivities and that I had to control these feelings because they seemed to overpower me. This led to many experiences of overwhelm and confusion, feeling assaulted by the emotions of others as well as my own. I learned various ways of coping and of numbing my feelings because I felt that this helped me to function. This is a very common experience for channels and healers because the process we must then go through to empower ourselves, reclaim and finally value our empathic and sensitive natures, leads to great strength. In this way, we have been steadily trained through our challenges in this life to cultivate a powerful equanimity that becomes a crucial skill in holding sacred space. We can provide loving support to others who may be struggling with the shifting paradigms we are currently experiencing globally.

Empowerment for
Empaths and Lightworkers

Frustrating anxieties that appear to come from nowhere, the development of coping mechanisms such as addictions and emotional dependencies that often derail our efforts…these are the mental and emotional patterns that can be so unconscious that we have no idea that we even have them, much less how to address them. We just know that we are often frustrated in our relationships or held back in our aspirations, yet we are unable to put a finger on what it could be.


  • Addictions, transforming non-beneficial ways of coping with sensitivities.
  • Codependency, unraveling attachments to patterns of suffering in relationships.
  • Self-Esteem, banishing feelings of unworthiness.
  • Visibility, no more hiding, clear past life persecution and powerfully come into present time with your amazing gifts and talents.
  • Abundance, allowing yourself to unconditionally receive in every area of your life.
  • Interdimensional communication, gathering together your own team of Ascended Beings of Light who cherish and support you.

In the Quantum Light Practice we work with Light Language, Divine Codes and other high vibrational frequencies that precisely and effectively unravel these patterns that no longer serve our mission. We acknowledge this profound life experience and gracefully complete patterns of suffering and disempowerment. When these patterns are completed in a fully conscious manner, we can then recalibrate our system and access energy streams that were previously unavailable to us, energy streams that provide nourishment and support, awakening gifts and talents that had been dormant. Coming from a place of wholeness, we may now open wide to the full embodiment of the Inner Divinity.


In the QUANTUM LIGHT PRACTICE, what has been your greatest source of pain and confusion in your life up until this point becomes the KEY that unlocks the Divine Codes to access your greatest gifts and talents.


Your most painful struggle becomes the inner wisdom that leads you to your divine genius, not just a skill that may be helpful to others, but your DIVINE GENIUS!


Come and find the KEY that will unlock the door that reveals your path to


ACTIVATE…RECALIBRATE…ALIGN with the Divinity that is YOU!

How do we BEGIN our work together?

You will find archived Quantum Light Practice channeling and alignment sessions addressing various topics on Ana’s YouTube channel. Listen and see if the work resonates with you. If so, the next step would be to contact Ana and schedule a private Quantum Light Channeling and Alignment Session.


Quantum Light Channeling and Alignment Session

90-minute session for $197.

Or you may prefer a deeper process and purchase a

Love 3 Package

(3) 90-minute sessions for $497. (savings of $100.)


Contact Ana for more information:

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Ana’s ability to read energy and translate into spoken language is remarkable. I have received great insight and healing from her transmissions and from our private work together. I’m deeply grateful. I highly recommend it!

Sula Jewelle DePaula

Heavenly Peace Coaching, Delray Beach, FL

Ana’s Quantum Light Practice has helped me so much over the past months to transmute challenging emotion and energy into joy, gratitude and bliss.  Attending her Zoom groups, and listening to replays on her YouTube channel is a joyful pandemic practice I have developed that facilitates my transition into 5D consciousness.  Meeting with Ana individually brings deep understanding to my intended path, and she is gifted at helping me see the forest through the trees.  Ana is a transcendent light being who shares her gift openly from the heart to assist us in our own transcendence, and I am eternally grateful to be a recipient of her many gifts!

Kim Vidoni

Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, NV

Ana is a gifted Quantum Light Practitioner demonstrating her own Divine Genius while transmitting beautiful healing and aligning energies through her powerful gift of Light Language. Her voice is soothing and conveys a gentle and grounding vibration as she channels these divine frequencies. There is a very palpable healing vibration that Ana emanates as she works with me to create those shifts in consciousness that affect my daily life. I highly recommend Ana’s work to help you get the results you are seeking.

Denise Fields

Galactic Numerology, Chicago, IL

Wow Ana! I just listened to your recording. It was very powerful! I felt a shift of being more grounded, relaxed and at ease. Thank you for the reminder that it is actually a loving act to allow others to go through their own process.This has been a reoccurring lesson that resurfaces time and again of wanting to fix or make things better or right for others. Having this clearing around it was so helpful. So grateful, thank you my friend!

Marcella Scherer

Executive Image Consultant, Jupiter, FL

Ana is an amazing, compassionate conduit for Divine Healing Energy. She possesses the capability of connecting with the perfect source to address the issue that is revealing itself for healing. Beyond her abilities as a spiritual healer, I’ve always found her to be an inspiring soul and I’m grateful to have her in my life.  

Robin McAlister

Oneness University, Greenville, NC

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