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 The Green Mother Activations

On my last trip outside of the USA before the restrictions of the pandemic arrived, I stood before Sekhmet in her temple at Karnak, Egypt and experienced a profound recognition of a potent force that was also inside of me. I was called to embody my highest expression and essence in this incarnation, to live my life fearlessly as a Visionary no matter what is occurring in the outer world. That encounter soon led to a potent activation of the GREEN MOTHER, an inner multidimensional temple where different expressions of Gaia in feminine, masculine, and androgynous forms emanating wisdom from different cultures and star nations come forth to activate divine qualities, sacred sites and energy streams that will support us in embracing our ascension process with minimal resistance and


I’m now called to share all of this with YOU!


The Green Mother Activations are an offering that will assist the spiritual seeker in grounding into a solid foundation of unity consciousness that will support you through times of uncertainty and transformation in our world.  One of the reasons transformative experiences can get intense is because of our resistance to what is unknown. We may cling to what’s familiar as a way of coping with fear even if what is familiar becomes extremely uncomfortable.  But guess what? Every expansion of consciousness begins with a leap of faith into the unknown, we only have to trust ourselves and know that we are divinely guided.

These Activations are received in powerful sequences designed to cultivate a mindset of being ALL IN, a state of minimal resistance to the ascension process, where we may recognize and access unique gifts and talents previously unknown to us. We move forward with ease and grace, navigating transformative experiences with the awareness that we are divinely supported in all situations, even the most challenging. Instead of disconnecting from our Inner Source during a challenging paradigm shift, which often feels like we are falling apart, we fall together with Quantum Light Alignment processes that revitalize us, fully preparing us to receive and EMBODY the experience of our own Self as a Divine Being of Light incarnate at this time to contribute to the expansion of consciousness.

The Green Mother is a collective of Divine Archetypes and Ascended Light Beings that we can intimately relate to as facets of our own Divine Union. Our multidimensional communication with them through channeled transmissions assists us to break through that classic Starseed pattern of loneliness, isolation, or resistance into a luscious flow of heavenly support and wisdom.

This newly conceived, cutting-edge Quantum Light Practice offering consists of two distinct Green Mother Activation Series: 6 Sacred Site Activations and 7 Activation Goddesses. Each week you will participate in LIVE 90-minute sessions that will unfold beautifully and organically as a VIRTUAL PILGRIMAGE. Each session in the series builds on the previous one and will be transmitted multidimensionally from a sacred site specifically chosen to illuminate divine qualities inside of you as you are lovingly transformed into a holy vessel that anchors and emanates the sovereign Green Mother vibration.

Activation Goddesses

A Foundation of Divine Power within YOU

7 Week Series

2021 Session Dates: Oct. 23, 30, Nov. 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec.4 @ 1:00 pm Eastern Time (New York)


1. Pele, Big Island, Hawaii


The Divine Presence as an awakening energy within the physical body. Cultivating a personal relationship with the Inner Divinity. The human body as a vessel/volcano that contains and emanates the divine energy.  Working with the Kundalini energy that arises and clears obstructions. Understanding multidimensionality within the individual consciousness.

Practice: Awakening to the Sacred Site within YOU

2. Ochún, Africa & the Caribbean


Introducing energetic practices focused on purifying the thought patterns of the mind. The use of the water element to facilitate deep emotional healing. Becoming aware of social conditioning, ancestral pain and trauma that affect our systems in present time. Cleansing our personal desires and intentions by washing away ancestral patterns and collective imprints that no longer match our vibration.

Practice: Ancestral Healing

3. Pachamama, Andean Sierra, Peru


Discovering ways to lovingly support the physical vessel and mind throughout transformative processes. Cultivating our connection with nature. Indigenous ways of practicing reciprocity and respect for Gaia. Understanding our planet as a living and breathing entity that infinitely revitalizes and replenishes her own vibration.

Practice: Grounding

4. Madrecita Ayahuasca, Amazon Jungle, Peru


Purification and the use of herbal elixers as a sacred ceremony that assists us in shifting our perspectives. Dissolving paradigms that limit us. Consciously choosing energy streams to BE in as we close energy streams that no longer serve us. Being aware of vibratory matches, the law of attraction, spiritual emergence and heightened sensitivity.

Practice: The Visionary Aesthetic

5. Tridevi ~ Lakshmi/Saraswati/

Durga, India


Creating our own individual team of Beings of Light, Goddesses and Divine Virtues. Understanding why we are attracted to certain divine qualities more so than others and the embodiment of these qualities through Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine and androgynous forms. Awareness of the Inner Guru and channeling.

Practice: Sacred Sound

6. The Black Madonna, Spain & Egypt


Understanding vibration and resonance, our unique divine lineage and mission. The purpose of pilgrimage to holy places. Holding space for the Divine Presence, our sacred service and ecstatic surrender. Cultivating direct multidimensional communication with Ascended Beings of Light such as the Isis and Mary Magdalene and reclaiming our star heritage.

Practice: Multidimensional Bliss

The Activation Goddesses 7 Week Series includes:


  • Weekly LIVE 90-minute Channeled Sessions via Zoom conferencing. These sessions will then be posted with supplementary material in the course modules available to you on the Quantum Light Practice website. You will receive a personal ID and password giving you 24/7 access to the virtual classroom.
  • Registration will ignite an Energy Container that will support you throughout the program. These Quantum Light energy streams are transmitted to you multidimensionally as you receive the activations, nourishing and revitalizing your ascension process with vibrations of ease and grace.
  • Everyone will receive a 45-minute private Channeling and Alignment Session (valued at $125.) upon registration to be scheduled during your course. This one-on-one time will give you the opportunity to deepen your experience and address any particular issues or intentions that may arise.
  • You’ll be invited to participate in the Emerald Gaia private Facebook group to connect with other community members and participate in group discussions.

Go from feeling highly sensitive to BEING highly attuned and open the flood gates to

Creative Flow!


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Green Mother Activation Goddesses Oct 23-Dec 4


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Sacred Site Activations

Install the Divine Codes of the Green Mother in the
Altar of your own Heart

6 Week Series   Sold Out!

2021 Session Dates: Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9 @ 1:00 pm Eastern Time (New York)


Week 1

Awakening the Inner Activist – Montserrat, Spain

Week 2

Surrendering to “What Is” – Mary Magdalene’s Cave, La Sainte-Baume, France

Week 3

Divine Co-Creation – Mother Mary’s Sacred Spring, Lourdes, France

Week 4

Vibrational Autonomy – Saint John’s Hermitage, Gaztelugatxe, Spain

Week 5

Sovereign Divinity – Green Mother’s Etheric Temple, YOU

Week 6

The Venus Light – Sekhmet’s Temple, Karnak, Egypt

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