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Finding Your Rhythm

March 12, 2019

How do we find our rhythm? And what does it mean to follow your own rhythm in today’s world? As adults, our lives seem to be dominated by work schedules, our children’s schooling and activities, caring for our homes and families.   We also need to care for our bodies with daily exercise and healthy eating. Just fulfilling our basic needs and responsibilities can be challenging, but these days we have much more to navigate. We are constantly drawn into 24/7 news media reporting on government investigations that aggressively seek to expose the cause of our collective discontent with no real solutions in sight. Unexpected and tragic events that don’t make any sense at all affect us deeply in ways we may not even be aware of, whether we were physically present or not. We can all agree that we are witnessing tremendous discord and chaos in the world today without much relief.


When times get tough, choose Alignment. Choose to follow your own rhythm.


Fierce, unconditional ALIGNMENT is an inner discipline. We choose to stay focused on the Divine Source within us all, no matter what is happening in the outer world. The Law of Attraction reveals that what we focus on, what we give our attention to, expands. According to this universal law, focusing on what we don’t want, constant analysis about what is wrong and what is not working, does not resolve anything. This typical response to a problem only makes the problem grow in our minds and in the outer world. We can only see the problem all around us. We unwittingly call forth more of the same and we lose sight of all that IS working.


In choosing Alignment, we immediately filter out exaggerated and extreme viewpoints that unnecessarily disturb our wellbeing. Some of these highly emotional and aggressive responses and political ideologies may not even be ours to have. When we have lost our focus on our internal connection with the Divine Presence, we are easily susceptible to unconsciously absorbing emotional discord that is traveling through the airways as a vibration that emanates from the collective consciousness and the news media. We must consciously choose more expansive and beneficial energy streams that are supportive and nourishing to our souls. We can choose inner clarity and observe the outer drama with detachment. In this state, we are actually taking responsibility for our own vision and emotional state, rather than blaming forces outside ourselves, over which we have little or no control, for our own emotional discomfort.


So how do we find our Alignment, our inner rhythm, in the midst of so many strong opinions and experiences that sometimes simply knock us out?


The only way is to CLAIM IT! We must claim our own rhythm for ourselves and value it. Now is the time to shine your light on the world, to cultivate your gifts and talents. This is the way to authentically contribute to transformation. Instead of getting caught up in an endless laundry list of everything that is not working in the world, an action that only leads to disempowerment and overwhelm, choose to focus on everything that makes you happy. Focus on all that you love. Feel that love grow inside you, bask in it, make the decision to feel good.


Believe it or not, all kinds of fears may arise when we choose to focus on feeling uplifted and happy even though we are surrounded by collective challenges. Am I being selfish? Am I not contributing to society? There is the fear of being irresponsible, the fear of being weird and the fear of losing my sanity…the list goes on. Part of finding your own rhythm is learning how to value and express your unique gifts and talents, especially if they are unusual.


As humans, we have an innate desire to be creative and express ourselves.  One of the most amazing ways of finding your rhythm is to fearlessly express yourself in whatever way feels right for you.  It can come in so many forms, like writing and singing, or simply taking deep breaths as we gaze at the sunset.  In that creative flow that seems to take on a life of its own, we can rejuvenate and revitalize ourselves.  All the weight of the world is suspended and we nurture our spirits.  We often deny ourselves these moments as self-indulgent, but in fact these moments are crucial to our survival.  So many times we can hold ourselves back because we are afraid of being seen, and afraid of the feelings and awareness that comes up when we slow down and let ourselves be vulnerable.



Just know that fear is truly a great friend you can always count on. It always comes up to be with you when you are about to do something interesting.


So let fear be a signal. When it comes up, welcome it and know that things are about to get real and passionate. It is not a signal to stop and hide, it is a signal to move forward and be seen. We move past that fear and do what we love anyway, because our authentic expression brings us into balance. We relieve the pressure of modern life and feel the precious moments of peace and delight that bring us into Alignment.  In this way, we find the inner strength to follow our own unique callings that shine our love on the world in challenging times.  We can honor ourselves and our gifts as we vulnerably and heroically give life to them.


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