Everything is Energy

July 06, 2021
“EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”
~Albert Einstein
In the Quantum Light Practice, we receive very effective tools to root out unconscious perceptions and mental patterns that obstruct the reality we are consciously choosing. Although at first it can be challenging to feel these unconscious perceptions, that’s why they become unconscious by the way, we know that as we remove all that obstructs our vision of ourselves as fully realized beings of Light and Love, we experience deep and authentic fulfillment.
For me, the most difficult feelings to process can be when I see how some event in the past affects my choices in the present. For example, when I was very young, I was bullied at school for being Hispanic. This experience affected me more deeply than I realized as it created a filter of shame in simply being myself. As I grew older, I unconsciously saw myself in a way that was “less than” or “not enough” which led to a series of choices in my relationships, work and education that were founded in those distortions. When I see how my inner beauty and potential was sabotaged in this way, it can be devastating! The feelings that come up are awful and difficult to accept. I feel victimized, angry and disempowered. In that pain, I get jealous of those who I imagine haven’t had to go through this (not true). I think that no one understands me (not true). I think that I’ll never get over this (not true). In that pain, the mind creates a series of beliefs as a way to cope with suffering and this is what then becomes our gold mine for transformation!
It is crucial to FEEL everything, all of those feelings even though they are painful in a conscious way, as opposed to feeling them in a way that creates more unconscious reactions and distorted beliefs. I must allow myself to cry or even rage in a way that is not at the same time analyzing how others have hurt me or how those events destroyed my self-esteem. I must simply and purely feel the emotion, the VIBRATION without the story, because this is how I liberate myself, this is how I CHOOSE freedom NOW! I make the choice to feel because this is how we unravel and integrate these painful perceptions of ourselves that are simply distortions and delusions, coping mechanisms and traumas that every human goes through. It’s called the triangle of disempowerment.
Now we may easily feel that we’ve won the trophy of suffering in this life but unconsciously, us humans move through very familiar roles of being the Victim, the Rescuer AND the Abuser at various times in this and previous incarnations. When we see this truth as opposed to always seeing ourselves as the good guy or the victim, we can authentically SEE and know that underneath those roles lies the truth of who we are as Divine Beings of Light incarnate here to experience our own Divinity in many amazing ways. As we unravel and dissolve these lower vibrational frequencies like jealousy or unworthiness, as we choose to love and forgive ourselves for the times we believed in these distortions, we create space. We EMPTY ourselves and RECEIVE our own purity, feelings of peace, bliss and all the wonderful sensuality our bodies can experience and emanate as Divine Beings of Light incarnate. FEEL…and when it just hurts…choose LOVE again and again and again knowing that your own divine fulfillment is very close at hand!
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Calling all Starseeds to gather and receive the Galactic Abundance Codes that will nourish and support us in all areas of our lives! No matter what is occurring in the outer world, we can choose the dimension of reality we create and play in. Join us as we complete templates of lack and activate our Abundance Codes with high frequencies showered upon us by our Galactic Star Family.
We are Stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking has always been within.

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