Holy Circles, Groves and Wells:
Encountering the Divine Mother
in Magical Britain

11 Day Pilgrimage in South West England

In this signature tour exclusively offered to the Divinity that is YOU, we will walk in the footsteps of the Divine Mother, the Source of all Being. In ancient Britain, the Goddess was honored as the Great Mother, the Divine Creatrix and the Weaver of the threads of life and destiny. We will follow her ancient path to the Neolithic stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge, followed by the breathtaking peninsula of Cornwall. This lush and fertile landscape is filled with secret holy places that will captivate our group, offering refuge from the mundane everyday world so that we may encounter a magical reality that will wistfully call us home to ourselves.

The hidden groves and woodland streams of Dartmoor will lead us into the fairy realms of ecstatic multidimensionality where the veils that separate what is seen and unseen will be lifted and we may see the truth of who we are in our divine union with Source.

Sacred waters have offered rejuvenation and healing from prehistory to present time. Rivers, springs and wells are magical places where humans may interact with Divine Beings of Light, often seen as orbs dancing at the water’s edge. Mystical literature refers to a spring of living water within every individual that is always nourishing and never depleted. Prayer and ritual before holy wells and natural bodies of water evoke inner processes of purification and transformation, revitalizing the mysterious union between the individual and the whole of creation.

Our journey includes visits to St. Nectan’s Glen and the Whitelady Waterfall in Lydford Gorge where we will participate in sacred site transmissions where divine qualities dormant within us are activated through the power of the energy currents that run through these holy places.

Other highlights include Merlin’s Cave in Tintagel and a visit to the Lady of the Lake at Dozmary Pool from the legends of Avalon, culminating with our final transmission at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

Join us on this epic adventure through Magical Britain, where we’ll discover the secrets of enigmatic stone circles, the potent waters of holy wells and the powerful earth energy currents that connect us all to the loving presence of the Divine Mother.


Day 1

Arrival at Heathrow Airport. We will meet at our hotel in Devizes for a two-night stay. You’ll have time to rest up or take lunch and then explore this charming market town. There is a good range of shops, cafes, restaurants, markets and pubs readily available as our hotel is situated right in the center of town in the old marketplace. In the early evening we’ll have an orientation and introductory gathering before our welcome dinner at the hotel, get to know one another a little and set our intentions for the journey.

Hotel in Salisbury for two nights – Welcome dinner at hotel

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel we visit the Avebury Landscape Temple, the heart centre of megalithic Britain. Knoll Down, a tranquil sacred grove of trees, is the ‘tail’ of the Serpent Temple and was once connected to Avebury by an avenue of stones stretching for a mile and a quarter. A similar avenue led off in another direction culminating at the Sanctuary, or ‘head’ of the Serpent Temple.

We will enter Avebury as did our ancestors down this processional avenue of stones. Here, within the largest stone circle in the world, we find the remains of two smaller stone circles, one solar and one lunar. All the sacred sites in this area center on Avebury including Stonehenge some twenty miles distant. Close by is the largest manmade mound in Europe, the remarkable 5,000 year old Silbury Hill.

Free-choice dinner not included

Day 3 

We start our day with an unforgettable sunrise visit to Stonehenge where we will have private time at this sacred site. We have arranged for the group to have private special access into the stones of the world’s most famous sacred site. We will have our first ceremony of our journey to connect with spirit and the land. Stand amongst the huge megaliths which have stood in magnificent isolation on the windswept Salisbury Plain for thousands of years. Feel the pulse of powerful earth energy currents coursing beneath your feet. Imagine the ceremonies which have been performed by robed priests and priestesses over eons of time or just sit in meditation. This is a rare opportunity to truly experience a site revered by countless generations.

After breakfast we’ll depart for Dartmoor commencing our journey into the wild wonders of the west. As we travel southwest, we’ll stop in the beautiful village of Chagford for lunch with time to peruse the local shops. Having arrived on Dartmoor our journey deepens as while we make the trek to Scorhill Stone Circle. Surrounded by natural tors and bubbling brooks connecting us to nature and the power of place, an ideal place for ceremony, we will be transported into another realm.

Hotel in Tavistock for five nights – Dinner at hotel

Day 4 

This morning we’ll head to Lydford Gorge. Walking down into the gorge we will follow the fast-flowing torrents of energizing water, with its natural beauty, fascinating history and many legends, passing the water hole called the Devil’s Couldron. We will make our way to the bottom of the gorge where it ends in a 98’ waterfall called the Whitelady Waterfall. After our mornings excursion we’ll head to the village pub for a scrumptious lunch.

For the afternoon we go to the village of Belstone. Here we find St. Mary’s Church, lovingly cared for by local parishioners, where you can sense Mary’s energy upon entering. Re-energized we’ll walk through the village onto the moor to visit our first stone circle. Ninestones circle, situated at the foot of Belstone Tor, transports us into another world.

Free-choice dinner not included

Day 5 

Today we head west for a days outing to visit Bodmin Moor where we will find The Hurlers, a set of 3 standing stone circles, named from a local legend that young men were playing a hurling game on the Sabbath and were turned to stone for punishment.

Most likely these circles were inspired by the landscape and the natural stone monuments called the Cheesewring. The call of the wild and the ancestors response will invite us to connect to both places on a deep level.

Dinner at hotel

Day 6

This morning we’ll drive to North Cornwall. We’ll visit the magical wooded St Nectan’s Glen with its waterfall and kieve, a spectacular 60’ waterfall plunging through a stone opening in the rocks. Walking along a quiet lane with fragrant hedgerow flowers we’ll then come beside a beautiful and energetic woodland stream and reach the waterfall at its head. Orbs are often photographed here. St Nectan’s former hermitage cell is now a shrine where we’re free to meditate, pray or light a candle (only room for 3 or 4 people at a time).

We’ll have lunch in the mysterious village of Boscastle. After lunch we will go to Dozmary Pool, here we come into the presence of the Lady of the Lake at her mystical and watery home. It was at this lake that the lady bequeathed Excalibur and its enchanted scabbard to King Arthur. Understanding the importance of this gift and paying tribute to the lady will enable us to receive a gift of our own to support us on our pilgrimage into the Arthurian legend.

Free choice dinner not included

Day 7 

Today we visit Tintagel, the renowned birthplace of King Arthur. All sites in Tintagel are dominated by everything Arthurian and you’ll have the opportunity to re-live the stories of the Arthurian legend. Traveling back in time we may discover how these archetypes can help us in our world today. We’ll hear the stories about the lives of the fabled Knights of the Round Table as we visit King Arthur’s Great Halls, constructed entirely of crystal-studded granite using sacred geometry in its layout.

Then we’ll cross the footbridge that is now the only means of access to Tintagel Castle, the fabled birthplace of Arthur, which sits in splendid isolation on its rocky promontory. Descending the castle cliffs to the beach below, we’ll enter Merlin’s Cave accessible only for a short time at low tide each day. (Order of the day may change according to the tide schedule.) After a full day immersed in the Arthurian Legend we will travel to the market town on the western edge of Dartmoor, where we stay for one night.

Dinner at the hotel

Day 8 

This morning is market day in Tavistock and the popular Pannier Market is just across the road from our hotel. Craftwork, gifts, antiques and produce abound – and there’s plenty of cafes to refresh you if your shopping becomes too tiring!

Saying farewell to Dartmoor we travel north to Wells to our hotel for two nights. You will be able to visit the city’s magnificent 800-year-old English gothic Wells Cathedral, located across the Green from our hotel. You will also see the Bishop’s Palace, a 700-year-old occupied palace complete with a moat and a drawbridge, home to families of swans for centuries. It is these energetic waters that attracted the city founders and from which Wells gets its name.

Hotel in Wells for two nights – Free-choice dinner not included

Days 9 & 10

Our journey will culminate with two days in Glastonbury and the legendary Isle of Avalon. We start our visit at the St. Margaret Chapel, commonly known as the Magdalene Chapel. This twelfth century chapel and alms houses are an oasis of peace.

We will visit Glastonbury Abbey, once the largest and most powerful abbey in all of Britain and the reputed resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. Here we find the Michael and Mary Earth Energy currents that we met in Cornwall.

Long lunch breaks to allow time to explore the myriad of alternative shops such as ‘Man, Myth & Magik’, ‘The Speaking Tree’ or ‘The Goddess & the Green Man’.

Rising dramatically from the flat land of the surrounding Somerset Levels, the Tor has been a beacon of spirituality since pagan times and still acts as a magnet for people of all beliefs. You will hear the stories and the legends as well as experience the powerful energy and atmosphere of this sacred site. The views from the top are spectacular!

At its foot lies Chalice Well, a true healing place in this land, and you are encouraged to drink from the holy well where, a local story tells, the Holy Grail is hidden.

Farewell dinner at the hotel

Day 11 

Departure from London’s Heathrow Airport. Safe travels

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Ana Estrada is a Quantum Light Practitioner with more than 25 years experience of working consciously with Beings of Light and Ascended Masters. Her graduate degrees in Transformative Art and Spirituality took her to the Amazon jungles and the temples of India where she studied shamanic cultures and visionary art making processes.  She is certified as an Intuitive Energy Healer in various healing modalities and serves as a channel for the Divine Mother and her sacred Light Language. Ana offers Quantum Light Alignment Sessions privately and at sacred sites around the world.

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