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Inner Labyrinths: Deepening into Gaia

October 13, 2020


In the Visionary Aesthetic, that is living everyday life from the perspective of a Lightworker and Divine Emissary, the labyrinth is an ancient form that represents the soul’s journey of embodiment. The sacred geometry of the labyrinth is not only visually appealing, but the soul recognizes it and is drawn into this form as a symbol of its human initiations upon Gaia.

Within the labyrinth, the twists and turns of the path guide our way to center which may be momentarily obscured at different places. We may doubt our choice to turn as we appear to move away from center and then feel relief when the we can sense that the center is near even if we can’t see it. Walking the labyrinth as a spiritual practice imprints this form and its process into the body’s cellular memory. This imprint serves to soothe the seeker in times of uncertainty, those moments when we simply don’t know exactly where we are going or how to get there. The practice teaches the filters of the mind, body and emotions to trust in those processes of transition. We can pause within the flow of uncertainty to fortify ourselves with trust and revitalize ourselves in that neutral space between each breath. The labyrinth symbol contains knowledge of the inner quantum field that is composed of various layers and dimensions of consciousness and serves as a portal to the inner realms and the experience of Embodied Sovereignty.



The key to Embodied Sovereignty lies with our grounded and unbreakable connection to the core of the Ascended Earth. It is from this place of sovereignty and stability that we can effectively navigate the Upper Worlds of spirit and ascension. When we live as Divine Beings of Light incarnate, the duality between spirit and matter dissolves. The discord between the body and divine light frequencies that continuously seek to raise the vibration of matter can show up in everyday life in a variety of ways.

Lightworkers and spiritual initiates may have a nagging feeling of being half-baked, a resistance to being in the body, emphatically declaring, “I don’t want to be here anymore!”

We may become impatient with our process as we helplessly observe ourselves repeat destructive behaviors. We then harshly judge ourselves for wasting our time with woo-woo stuff. We become hyper-sensitive and struggle to be with family and co-workers, claiming that THEY are unconscious, that we don’t fit in and never did. We sometimes believe that we simply can’t feel good when we have to be in such a toxic environment. Sound familiar? I’ve learned that when I assume my discomfort comes from the “toxicity” of others, that is when I have to pause and do some work inside myself in order to pull back the projections I am placing on others in the outer world. In this way, I can CHOOSE to come back into my power and sovereignty. For specific tools to assist in working with projection, see my previous blog Authenticity in the Midst of Uncertainty.

In order to create our lives with joy consistently and truly experience the ecstasy that our human bodies are truly wired to experience, we must become fully embodied as Sovereign Divine Beings of Light. This is our mission and purpose on our beloved Gaia, that living and breathing entity that is our planet Earth. We must know how to process pain and ancient wounds that are held deep inside ourselves, wounds and emotional patterns that have become so familiar that we actually have a hard time letting them go. Most human suffering comes from disconnecting from our divine source and living in the illusion that we are separate from that source. This wounding becomes part of our identity, so much so that we can’t seem to imagine a life without that familiar pain.



For empaths and lightworkers in everyday life, this devastating mental pattern shows up as a terrible feeling of frustration and overwhelm, “Wow I’ve done all this energy work, all kinds of healing modalities for YEARS…and I still suffer. I still have tremendous emotional ups and downs. I still leave my body and numb my emotions in destructive ways.”

There is another way if we are willing! What happens is that when emotional pain and trauma are lodged inside our energy field, these lower vibrational frequencies do not match the higher vibrational frequencies of spirit. Our physical vessel can’t receive ourselves as spirit, so yes, we do become half-baked. We’ll have a few fleeting glimpses of the Ascended Earth, but we have not done the inner purification that sustains us in the fifth dimension, so our own vibration kicks us out in a way. Our attachment to our own human suffering and false identity of being separate from the Inner Divinity actually obstructs our embodiment.

In the Quantum Light Practice we work with Light Language, Divine Codes and other high vibrational frequencies that precisely and effectively unravel these patterns that no longer serve our mission. We acknowledge this profound life experience and gracefully complete patterns of suffering and disempowerment. When these patterns are completed in a fully conscious manner, we can then recalibrate our system and access energy streams that were previously unavailable to us, energy streams that provide nourishment and support, awakening gifts and talents that had been dormant. Coming from a place of wholeness, we may now open wide to the sovereign embodiment of the Inner Divinity.

In the QUANTUM LIGHT PRACTICE, what has been your greatest source of pain and confusion in your life up until this point becomes the KEY that unlocks the Divine Codes to access your greatest gifts and talents.

Your most painful struggle becomes the inner wisdom that leads you to your divine genius, not just a skill that may be helpful to others, but your DIVINE GENIUS!

JOIN ME ON OCTOBER 25 @ 3:00 PM EST for a 2 hour Mastery Empowerment Webinar where we will navigate the Inner Quantum Field to receive potent activations, clearings and messages from Gaia and the Inner Earth that will strengthen and enrich our journey of transformation throughout the current global paradigm shift.  Register HERE                                               


In this Mastery Empowerment Course, we will:
• Enter a multidimensional labyrinth and navigate the purification processes of the inner quantum field.
• Access quantum light frequencies and divine codes that will unravel deep-rooted unconscious tendencies that obstruct our Embodied Sovereignty.
• Receive a Light Language Transmission from the Earth Goddess Brigid and her sovereign expression of Gaia.
• Excavate and transform mental patterns that still appear to disempower us as we embody our most courageous self.
• Deepen our alignment with Gaia when challenging emotions come forth to be revealed and processed.
• Nourish the Inner Child, that version of ourselves who suffered most in our past, with the quantum light frequencies.
• Bring all our past selves into present time, completing and collapsing old templates as we come into alignment with Gaia and natural frequencies of joy and fulfillment.

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The GREEN MOTHER ACTIVATIONS are being transmitted specifically at this time in our evolution as a way to offer Divine Support to seekers throughout the current global paradigm shift. Through the Green Mother Activations, we will ground into a solid foundation of unity consciousness and power that will support and sustain us through times of uncertainty in our world.
Throughout this series of Green Mother Activations, we receive deeper understandings and practical tools that dissolve fear and resistance to the ascension process. We awaken to our gifts and talents, new forms of expression we may not have had access to before. We can then move forward with ease and grace, navigating challenging emotions and experiences from an inner place of strength, clarity and alignment with GAIA. Instead of disconnecting from ourselves, which often feels like we are falling apart, we will choose to come into alignment with our own Divine Source.  

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