Divine Resonance and the Ascended Earth

January 21, 2021

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation featuring Ana Estrada & Lauren Galey sharing about DIVINE RESONANCE and the Ascended Earth. Divine Resonance is an internal experience that vibrates beyond political movements, ideologies and belief systems that rise and fall. RECEIVE the Green Mother Activations and authentically embody your birthright of Sovereign Divinity! Get ready to claim your inner brilliance and the capacity to birth Heaven on Earth!



Access the Replay HERE: https://www.acoustichealth.com/quantum-conversations/replay/ana-estrada-green-mother-activations-divine-resonance-with-the-ascended-earth/


The GREEN MOTHER ACTIVATIONS are being transmitted specifically at this time in our evolution as a way to offer support to seekers throughout the current global paradigm shift. The Green Mother is a collective of Goddesses and Ascended Masters that assist us to activate divine qualities and perceptions that allow us to experience ourselves as visionaries with the capacity to birth Heaven on Earth. Through the Green Mother Activations, we will ground into an archetypal foundation of unity consciousness and power that will support and sustain us through times of uncertainty in our world.


Through a specific sequence of activations, we receive deeper understandings and practical tools that dissolve fear and resistance to the ascension process. We awaken to our signature essence, authentic forms of expression we may not have had access to before. We can then move forward with ease and grace, navigating challenging emotions and experiences from an inner place of strength, clarity and alignment with Gaia. Instead of disconnecting from ourselves, which often feels like we are falling apart, we will choose to come into alignment and resonate with our own Divine Source.



In this Quantum Conversation, we will discuss:

  • Purification processes, or tapasya, the inner burning of tendencies, traumas and ancestral wounds that obstruct our visionary capacities as a way to powerfully claim our unique gifts and talents.
  • Facing and integrating our shadow qualities, transforming what has been our greatest struggle into our greatest asset.
  • Embodying Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine archetypes through virtual pilgrimage and engaging with multicultural expressions of Gaia.
  • Giving birth to the Cosmic Starchild, the creative life force energy that comes forth through the balancing of polarities.
  • Internal alignment with Gaia and Embodied Sovereignty as an experience of stability and equanimity as we welcome the New Year of 2021!


Access the Replay HERE: https://www.acoustichealth.com/quantum-conversations/replay/ana-estrada-green-mother-activations-divine-resonance-with-the-ascended-earth/


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