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Christed Light: New Earth Frequencies of Divine Love

December 18, 2020

OM Yeshua…Source…the Inner Divinity emanating bliss from every cell of your body out into the world! Facets of Divine Light absorbed by every neutron and electron in an atomic awakening of our universe…that is the Christed Light…and all of this occurs inside of YOU!


This powerful activation does not come through believing in anything. It does not come through a book, education or philosophy. It comes naturally through surrender to and alignment with the Divine Source that is alive inside of you. This alignment activates the inner wellspring of Peace and Divine Love that is always feeding and nourishing you. You will never be thirsty again as Yeshua continues to declare in so many ways to all of humanity today.


Humanity has a history of forcing beliefs and ideology on ourselves and each other as a way to cope with the uncertainty and vulnerability we must all experience as physical beings. These spiritual ideologies give us the illusion that life can be controlled, that we can be safe if we believe certain things and behave in certain ways. Identifying with the Divine Presence within us all, activating our Divine Sight, that is seeing the Divine in everything and everyone around us, does not occur through processes of the mind. It occurs through surrender to the inner experience of Source revealing itself to us through the most powerful force in the universe…Love.


Sacred words and sounds are embedded with divine codes that activate my experience of the Inner Divinity, yet my Source does not reveal itself to me through words in a book or the mental patterns and belief systems favored by my culture at the moment. My Source comes from my own heart infused with the Divine Presence, the Holy Spirit, that is so beyond humanity and its history, culture and religion. My alignment comes through the Shekinah, the indwelling presence of the Divinity that has descended into and is installed deep within the physical vessel at birth, revealing itself through Light.



In this way, Spirit finds union with the density of the body and we become embodied and sovereign expressions of the Divinity. Polarities such as shadow and light, fear and love, life and death, masculine and feminine, all come into balance in the process of raising the frequency of the matter that composes our bodies. We then fully experience ourselves as radiant Beings of Divine Light incarnate.


The balancing process that occurs as our physical vessels are expanding to receive more and more light facilitates our awareness of our own shadow qualities. That’s the tricky part! This is where we are called to cultivate so much patience and love for ourselves and each other throughout these vulnerable processes of transformation. Because the inner shadow can only be revealed by the light expanding inside of us, it can be shocking! At first, at that very moment of being flooded with ecstatic levels of Divine Love, we will see all of our jealousy, fear, abandonment, competition and more! We must face these powerful emotions and feel them in order to bring the shadow into consciousness. We must open to authentically seeing and feeling who we are, even what we perceive to be horrific inside ourselves.


In truth, these denied emotions are not so horrible at all when we can fully feel them. We are supported and anchored into the vibration of unconditional love when we have the courage to face that darkness within. Even the most devastating emotions, when given the space to be consciously processed, are simply a gateway into the light. We can no longer see ourselves as the victim of these energies coming from others or historical events of the past. We can see how these qualities that are deeply rooted inside our own selves need to be seen, loved and included into the wholeness of all that we are. We are no longer repulsed, blinded or abused by these qualities in others. The shadow, through love, is integrated into the light.



Out of this sacred alchemy, the balancing of polarities through the revelation of the Shekinah within the physical vessel, a third even more potent vibration is born…the Golden Androgyne, also known as Cosmic Star Child. This inner state of innocence and purity is born through the divine union of masculine and feminine polarities and continues to release the tremendous power of LOVE…the creative life force of the universe…pure divine expression. Heaven on Earth is birthed.


This is the true meaning of the “Word made flesh” that dwells among us (John 1:14). The Word is the primordial sound of all creation…OM. We can hear the Sacred Sound in all our prayers, Sanskrit mantras, shamans’ icaros, ancient scriptures and galactic light languages. The Divine Sound unravels all of our thoughts and emotions born out of the delusion that we are separate from our own Divinity. The Word made flesh vibrates way beyond all beliefs, culture, philosophy, religion, ideology and ritual as it encompasses all of those things. The Word made flesh is UNION.



I worship the God that is alive inside of me.

My altar is my own heart.

My sadhana is the acceptance of every moment as pure and divinely inspired.

I let go of all that I think I am and all that I think I should be.

I surrender to the Inner Divinity.

My dharma on this glorious Ascended Earth is




Laser FOCUS on the Inner Divinity no matter what appears to be happening in the outer world.
FREEDOM is an inner state that comes naturally through alignment.
Activate, Recalibrate, Align with the Divinity that is YOU!
Claim your divine birthright of Freedom!

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