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Beloved Starseed…the Time is NOW!

November 20, 2020

Starseeds are Beings of Light who have been seeded to incarnate upon this Earth from other galaxies and star systems. We’ve often had a difficult time in the past with feeling disconnected or finding our place in society. This may be due to certain sensitivities not being acknowledged or valued in our culture. It’s like being born with a full set of scuba gear in the middle of a desert. But now, as the desert is flooding, we see that full scuba gear is exactly what we need to support ourselves and each other with everything that’s happening. Certain skills and streams of consciousness that have been dormant or cast aside, now arise to assist us in the global expansion.


Our ancient souls now have access to inner wisdom from star peoples and civilizations far beyond this galaxy. This inner wisdom vibrates at a frequency beyond fear, aggression and domination. It emanates a potent salve to soothe the wounds of our current human reality.


Activations such as Awakened Neutrality, Vibrational Autonomy, Divine Discernment and Crystal Clarity are being transmitted at this time so that we may come into alignment with the truth of who we are.



While the mind may cling to the hope that things will return to normal, the spirit is exhilarated by the infinite possibilities and magical transformations that come through letting go of what’s familiar and leaping into what has never before been experienced. That human part of us that wants to know, that wants to feel in control, no longer holds the reins in the current evolutionary climate on our beloved Gaia. Anything that gives us the illusion of control is simply falling apart before our eyes.


As Starseeds, we have chosen to incarnate specifically at this time in human evolution to support the global paradigm shift. Separation consciousness, established through control, gives way to unity consciousness that thrives on unconditional love, acceptance and freedom. As we raise our frequencies to match the vibration of love and unity consciousness, we go through the necessary purification processes that shatter our illusion of control and separation, until we no longer perceive ourselves to be separate from the Divine. We can then fully experience ourselves as embodied and sovereign Beings of Light incarnate. 


Now is the time to find each other! We can support ourselves by joining other Starseeds as we recognize each other and acknowledge all the amazing internal work we’ve all done throughout our lives up until this NOW moment of inevitable change. Divinely inspired Starseed circles are arising all over the world as we come together to share the ancient wisdom of the star peoples and hold space for collective transformation.


JOIN ME THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2020 @ 3:00 pm EST for a Mastery Empowerment Course!


STARSEED NATION: Activations for Global Transformation


In this course we will:

  • Dissolve any internal discord between being human and your galactic identity.
  • Experience a potent Light Language transmission that will bring you into Alignment with Source.
  • Eliminate judgement and resistance to the Ascension process and collective transformation.
  • Activate a wellspring of Inner Peace and Divine Support that naturally arises when you embody your Starseed Heritage.
  • Receive Divine Codes that open your visionary capacity to experience the Divine Presence in everyone and everything no matter what is occurring in the outer world.
  • YOU become a Sacred Temple of Light, infusing love and grace into anything that you observe or engage with, creating a ripple effect of healing and alignment all around you.


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