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Being with What Is

September 01, 2021

The mystical way of change, as many of our beloved saints and poets have shared with us, is to be with what is. The creative life force energy, Source, is found in the present moment, not in the fantasy of what was or what will be. Your power is in the NOW, in the stillness, in PRESENCE, not in the stories of the mind of how things are supposed to be or in the frustration of why other people act the way they do. We are certainly living in challenging times, but we’re also being offered unprecedented opportunities to choose freedom in every now moment. 


Every time I energetically allow someone to be who they are, to respect their choices without judgement, I’m being with what is. Now more than ever, it’s so easy to see that my judgement is coming from a belief about what is right, and that I’ve taken on a story that the other person may not be choosing at all. They may passionately believe that my choice is wrong. I must allow that too. 


One of the justifications these days for judging others is to bring up the possibility of violence…if we allow others to think a certain way it leads to violence. We don’t realize that it’s pure violence to force our own values and opinions on others no matter how righteous and truthful we think our beliefs are. There are as many truths as there are stars in the sky. My truth is not like anyone else’s because no one else has lived the exact same moments that I have and every moment forms what is my truth. There is simply not one truth that everyone in the world must conform to.


Chaos, the essence of transformation, is violent. We can’t condemn violence in a general way or claim that we’ll never be violent. If I see a man strangling a child, it’s possible that I may take a baseball bat and clobber him, and I trust that I’ll be inspired to do so. Birthing is raw and violent, filled with pain as well as joy. Nature is violent in her continuous cycles of creation and destruction. I may have the choice to remove myself from a violent hurricane or not, and I may be injured or not. I must allow those moments that are uncertain as well. In the discomfort of uncertainty, I do have my choice to stay with it, to FEEL as deeply as I can, to pause and consider my response. When I can feel the moment, be with it, I can then choose based on what’s really happening, not the fantasy or the fear of what could happen. This is when the moment empowers you because there is a choice, and in that freedom of choice we can create the most beneficial outcome.


These days it’s popular to use the phrase follow the science when wanting to convince someone that a story is right and everyone should believe in it. There seems to be some kind of agreement that scientific theory can’t be questioned. Scientific theories are formed through observation. Quantum physics reveals that the particles composing matter can also behave like waves and light simultaneously, and that the molecular structure of any system under observation is disturbed or transformed simply by the act of observing it. Therefore, even scientific theories are subject to the personal and cultural bias of the scientist who is observing, quantifying and considering data that is ever evolving and vulnerable to error. So again, we can understand that there are many truths no matter how scientifically proven each one may be, and that our own biases in our beliefs affect what we observe and the reality we experience. These biases and beliefs can change at any moment, therefore changing our reality. We can choose.



When we can be with what is and choose our reality, we begin to experience dimensions that may not be as densely populated. For example, there is a dimension where everyone believes the vaccine is necessary with many beliefs backed up by stories about why this is so. There is also a dimension where everyone believes that the vaccine is harmful with many beliefs backed up by stories about why this is so. There is also a dimension where this polarity doesn’t even exist and there are completely different stories and truths activated there. We can see so clearly that all of these dimensions are woven into a grand tapestry that is consciousness manifesting in many different forms and realities that we can choose or not choose to engage with in our now moments.

What are you choosing in this now moment?

Be still, feel and know that this choice is your power and your freedom.




@ 1:00 pm EST (New York)

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This series will ILLUMINATE your inner multidimensional Green Mother Temple, where you’ll intimately communicate with Beings of Light and Ascended Masters in feminine, masculine and androgynous forms that will continue to initiate you into the alchemical process of Divine Union. This powerful divine support will fully activate your capacity to BE rock-solid in your Alignment with the Inner Divinity no matter what is occurring in the outer world. We’ll find joy and experience PLEASURE in the midst of the physical restrictions of the pandemic. We’ll truly know FREEDOM as a choice and interior state of awareness as we revitalize ourselves on pilgrimage to other dimensions.

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