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Awakening Pele-Style🔥

September 03, 2020

My greatest lessons about the awakening process and creative expression have come through my devotion to Pele, the Volcano Goddess of Hawaii. Her fiery essence calls forth the creative life force of the universe, the energy that manifests the New Earth!


I am keenly aware of Pele and her activity across the Pacific Ocean, deep within the Big Island of Hawaii’s Kilauea. When Pele has been in active eruption, most recently in 2018 where thousands had to evacuate, the results were devastating to human residents as they watched their homes and most of their possessions relentlessly swallowed by the oozing lava. The few people I saw interviewed seemed to be resolute in accepting their fate with so much grace, one resident even stating, “It is Pele’s land. We get to live on it while we can, but if she wants it back, she will take it.”


I have my own will and I have my own life, but I also know that when I am called to come into alignment with the Inner Divinity, with Gaia and the Divine Will, then that is what will happen. With this understanding and observation of how the creative life force moves through Pele, I have experienced some of my most powerful purification processes. My personal awakening was not easy or smooth at all. As the Divine Light burned through my being, years of social and ancestral conditioning were illuminated inside me in one harsh and devastating moment. I was someone who had functioned with a lot of emotional volatility and confusion. I didn’t really know how to process my more challenging feelings and I was riddled with all kinds of co-dependencies and addictions that I had used as a way to cope with my sensitivities. I had also had a difficult time expressing myself effectively for most of my life. My awakening brought up so much interior shadow and emotional oppression that I was completely overwhelmed by what was revealed to me when the Divine Light blasted through my inner Quantum Field.



Understanding the Dark Night of the Soul

The inner Quantum Field is composed of layers of awareness. The ultimate and most profound awareness we may get a glimpse of, that grace that is given to us sometimes very unexpectedly, is that we are One with the Divine. The awakening reveals that the Divine Presence is alive inside of us and dwells within us. We may have a sudden and dramatic awakening or it may happen gradually over time. It is different for each individual. We may be blessed with an utterly stunning experience of union where all separation is burned away in a moment, but it may also be fleeting. We open…then comes the obstruction. The light shines…then it is covered by our own shadow. 


Consciousness is a spiraling, never-ending process of expansion and contraction, unraveling perceptions and mental patterns of confusion as we spiral into different states of awareness. This is the way of spiritual growth. One does not ascend in the way that one climbs a ladder. We spiral. New layers of old issues can also arise and dissolve within this process. When this happens, we may have the feeling that we haven’t changed at all, that after all of our pain and hard-earned revelations, we are still languishing in the same suffering. Our minds will harshly accuse us of self-indulgence and wasted efforts, “What is the point of all this?” The truth is that we have changed. We are simply moving into a deeper level of understanding. In this spiral of expansion, anything that obstructs our experience of being in union with the Inner Divinity will arise to the surface of our awareness to be dissolved.


Anything that does not allow us to identify fully with the Divine Presence,

more so than our individual ego personality,

will arise to be seen through the light shining upon us

so that we may LOVE all of these lost parts of ourselves

back to wholeness and claim our destiny

as Sovereign Divine Beings of Light.


All of this happens according to divine timing and when we are able to receive this searing love. This is challenging to accept when we can be so uncomfortable with that raw presence fully illuminating our inner world complete with all the wounds and battle scars of human existence. We want it to happen quickly and we easily become impatient with our own learning. When a rose is blossoming, we allow it to gradually unfold in its own time. Aggressively pulling apart the petals with our impatience will destroy the flower.


It is common knowledge in beach communities that if one is swept out to sea by a riptide, you don’t fight the current. You will never win. You will drown in your own self-created exhaustion. It is the same with the awakening energy. We can’t fight it and we can’t shut it back down. Our only choice is to flow with the current and allow.


Inside the chrysalis as a caterpillar’s body dissolves and transforms, can he ever decide, “No, forget it, I want to go back to being a caterpillar. I was such a terrible caterpillar, I did everything wrong, I don’t deserve to be a magical butterfly!” The caterpillar is not ashamed of the life he led as a caterpillar. He was simply being a caterpillar. He now fully embraces his translucent butterfly wings and takes flight!


So we learn to surrender and graciously

allow the Divine Presence to do what needs to be done.

We get out of the way.



Pele reveals that the awakening occurs when it must without mercy. Paradigms crumble when they must crumble. When the Volcano Goddess erupts and the lava flows, we must simply move out of Her way with the least resistance. The Hawaiian people have shown us this wisdom. If your home is consumed, you accept and offer gratitude to the Earth for the life you still have. You don’t fight with Her and you certainly don’t negotiate with the red hot, flowing lava. You allow the flow of grace to cleanse and purify all the inner pathways to your own Divinity. She will flow in the most focused and disciplined way towards the sea, creating fertile new earth all along the way; and as our inner obstructions to union are dissolved by the Dark Night, the most potent creative life force is unleashed and made manifest in our glorious new vision of the world around us.


Join us this Sunday, September 6 @ 3:00pm EST for a Virtual Pilgrimage using shamanic technologies to visit Ancient Lemuria and the islands of Hawaii~the Big Island & active dwelling place of the Goddess Pele and the divinely feminine vibration of Kauai.



The current global paradigm shift continues to release the raw chaos of transformation, the Divine Feminine life force, an inner illumination that brings all our shadow tendencies into view. As our inner world becomes more and more transparent, we can no longer hide the beliefs and mental patterns that escalate our confusion and feed our suffering. We are lovingly invited to receive assistance from the volcanic fire Goddess Pele and the joy-infused Dolphin Beings of Light to live beyond the patterns of the body, mind and emotions, fully choosing our Sovereignty and the 5th dimensional frequencies of the Ascended Gaia.

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