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Authenticity in the Midst of Uncertainty

February 22, 2020

What an amazing time of transformation we are experiencing NOW on our beautiful planet! We may find ourselves immersed in uncertainly, observing long established power structures in the outer world crumble right before our eyes. The emotional roller coaster of the news media keeps us in a state of hyper-vigilance, with a steady dose of adrenaline and sensationalized headlines that change every minute. It’s difficult to know what is really happening as even an honest effort at presenting some objective news reporting appears to be an outdated tradition of the past. So my question is…how do I stay strong, emotionally sober, making choices from a place of clarity and taking inspired action, as opposed to reacting in ways that drain my energy and disturb my state of mind?


My first awareness as an Inner Activist is knowing that I am being deliberately emotionally triggered. There are many entities in the outer world that benefit from me being in this state. The number one beneficiary of course is the news media! I become addicted to finding out what is happening next and if nothing is happening, they will invent it for me. I am very clear that this is how the media works and this understanding empowers me to more carefully choose the information I engage with. The Inner Activist is aware of the concept of Projection…that is a powerful survival mechanism in the human mind that will be activated when I see something in the outer world that I do not like or approve of. This mechanism will blame my own feelings of discomfort on the behavior of others in the outer world. I will then disconnect from my inner field of awareness and go into an unconscious state where I may spend a lot of time analyzing the wrongness of other people and think about ways for them to change their behavior so that I can be happy. This way of managing emotional discomfort is very common and we have many ways to justify it!


So how does the Inner Activist handle projection? Simply having the awareness that this mechanism has been triggered inside is sufficient to turn it around in the moment. I then bring my focus back into Alignment with the Divine Presence within. WHAT?  How does one do that…when we are in the throes of righteous rage at the behavior of others? When other people are behaving so horribly that we feel that we have a duty to stand up to them? We also usually feel the need to protect other people. There is always a nebulous, distant group of people we have to defend and protect, so we feel that we are “right” in our righteousness. Now this is getting complicated, bear with me! These very deep-rooted patterns and coping mechanisms will not shift overnight. Slowly with practice, we can learn to CHOOSE what we think and how we respond in a way that is more beneficial to ourselves and the people we interact with. We learn to sort through what is offered to us by the outer world and find what is true for us. We can then make choices based on that sense of equanimity, even when we are frustrated. We also cultivate compassion for those who behave and think differently from us because we ourselves can actually behave and think differently from the crowd, instead of being lost in unconscious projections.


What follows is a very simple practice designed to bring awareness to these patterns of addiction to emotional drama and projection. At the THRESHOLD of crumbling outer power structures and breaking through the limitations of projection, my demons will come! I KNOW that this will happen, so this empowers me. I am ready and aware that I am learning. All kinds of mental patterns will come forth when I am shifting habitual ways of being to more space to create and thrive! Mental patterns such as confusion, judgments, rage, regrets, victimization will be active…so I simply know that this is what is happening. I am learning and I am growing.


Everything is going to be OK. Calling all Divine Warriors & Emissaries of the Light…this is how it’s done!



4 Easy Steps to Authentic Transformation:

  1. Be aware when the mind starts to analyze and choose not to indulge. This is like an addiction that requires a surrender to divine intervention. Ask the Divine Presence that dwells within you for assistance in transforming this mental pattern. The mind loves to figure out what you and other people are doing wrong. The mind loves to think about how things could be different if that one thing did not happen, if that one person would change or not exist, if I only hadn’t done that one stupid thing that is irrevocable…this is all a waste of precious time and energy, as well as being a huge distraction. Thinking about these things is entertaining and makes us feel like we’ve got a handle on the “right” way to be, but it does nothing to facilitate long lasting and authentic transformation. So be aware, ask for divine intervention and choose not to indulge the mind.
  2. Allow strong feelings to come forth without trying to change them. This can be very uncomfortable. The mind will try to go into an analysis as to whose fault it is that you feel this way. Now we know that this is a distraction, so we consciously accept that this is what the mind does and that it’s OK. We don’t waste our energy fighting it. Every time the mind starts to analyze, go to your breathing…breathe into the heart. Allow yourself to feel any powerful feelings of frustration, shame, regret…whatever it is, LET YOURSELF FEEL. With practice, we begin to experience a profound transformation of consciousness. We know that every feeling will pass when properly processed. It will shift. Our resistance to the feeling is what holds the pain in place. Breathing into the strong emotion, allowing the feeling to be without trying to change it, releases the feeling and ultimately dissolves the pattern. When the mind starts blaming as a way to get out of the feeling, go back to the breath. Know that this is the way the mind and feelings interact and that this is OK. Don’t forget to send love and compassion to yourself for choosing to do this great work that will have a ripple effect on all of humanity!
  3. Love your mind and give it an engaging job to do! Work with the Quantum Light Practice by using color (facets of light), number codes and divine sounds. Visualize the colors being absorbed by every cell of your body. Violet and ruby red are especially effective for cleansing and neutralizing mental patterns that limit us. You may also visualize these colors spiraling through your brain or spinal column. Ask your guides, the Divine Beings of Light that support you, for number codes and watch as specific number combinations pop into your mind. You may say these numbers out loud. They are considered to be key codes that open the door to higher frequencies and energy streams. For example, the quality of Divine Clarity comes forth in the key code 444. I repeat 444 as I see emerald green flushing through my energy field. This practice is very effective in moving the mind out of analysis so we can process strong emotions. We allow the feeling to be there, to be fully felt. We breathe and then nourish our energy field with color or facets of divine light. This work is especially effective for recurring patterns.
  4. Move your body! Go out on a nature walk or lay down on the grass outside. Breathe in Mother Earth. See a line of energy connecting your root chakra to the crystalline core of the ascended earth. Ground and feel your physicality. This will allow you to stabilize in this new vibration. Offer thanks to the universe for supporting you in this new way of being that is filled with ease and grace.



Certain patterns and limitations may be inherited from your ancestral lineage and may be extremely deep rooted. They may take on different forms or layers in the process of dissolving, but you will notice that each time you work with them, the process is lighter or less devastating. The pattern becomes weaker as we face it compassionately and in a consistent way, neutralizing and cleansing our vibration. Even the most horrific memories of abuse or mistreatment can be addressed in this way. We allow ourselves to feel the feelings that have been awakened within us as part of a profound healing process. In some cases, it is important to work with an experienced practitioner who will guide and support you through the deeper challenges. Trust your process and consult with your own guides as to what is the best way for you to do this work. Some may choose to go on retreat or to work privately in a series of one on one sessions. We can be certain that underneath all these mental and emotional patterns lies tremendous joy and creativity that will be ignited throughout this energetic process! TEXT Ana at (305) 336-8539 to schedule an appointment. Find the support you deserve with an experienced Quantum Light Practitioner.


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