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September 17, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times where outdated perceptions and long established power structures are crumbling right before our eyes. With every expansion, unconscious thought patterns come into our awareness, exposed by the light flooding our systems. Our inner world becomes more and more transparent as our shadow qualities are revealed, sometimes in ways that are quite unexpected or shocking. It can be frustrating and frightening when we don’t have the support we need to navigate these unexpected life changes.  


Do you ever feel like a part of you just isn’t keeping up with the tremendous shifts in consciousness that are now occurring in our world? You’ve tried so many new spiritual practices and alternative therapies, yet you still feel emotionally unstable and keep going back to old behaviors as a way to cope. And then when you do feel like you’ve finally made progress, issues you believed were resolved seem to reappear out of nowhere or come back with a vengeance to hold you back!


When we make a powerful shift in consciousness, something that is occurring now for many in an accelerated way, we may feel disoriented and emotionally triggered. As often happens with Empaths and Lightworkers, we can become hypersensitive and struggle with emotional highs and lows. Feelings of ecstasy may arise and quickly dissipate into despair, creating a frustrating emotional roller coaster that does not serve us in challenging situations where we want to function from a place of clarity and awareness, creating our new world with joy as opposed to pain and suffering. 


Now more than ever, throughout the current global paradigm shift as we come into balance with Gaia, it’s important to reach out and receive the support you deserve. We can choose to make our transformation a grace-filled experience and fortify ourselves with courage. We can choose Alignment.


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Virtual Goddess Channeling and Alignment Circle

As we cultivate an unshakeable alignment with the Inner Divinity, we’ll work with Quantum Light frequencies that come forth as Light Language Transmissions, Sacred Site Activations and Divine Codes. We’ll also receive channeled messages from Beings of Light such as Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Kali and other transformative Goddesses who are lovingly here to assist us as we move through any energetic obstructions to fulfill our greatest potential. Learn how to access and divinely nourish yourself with the Quantum Light during this special Virtual Goddess event.

Tap into your own Inner Guidance and claim your Sovereignty that is always available to you!

The world needs YOU now! 



In Alignment with Source, the very thing you consider to be your most devastating wound or setback in life up until this point becomes the KEY that unlocks the Divine Codes to access your unique gifts and talents. Your most painful struggle becomes your greatest asset!


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Private 90 minute Quantum Light Channeling & Alignment Session

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Albert Einstein’s famous quote says it all –

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


The Quantum Light frequencies are energy streams that vibrate beyond inherited beliefs and cultural conditioning, the “thinking we used” that ended up creating our deepest inner struggles and most baffling outer obstacles. When we tap into these energies with the assistance of an initiated Quantum Light Practitioner, our ascension process becomes more efficient and expansive. We experience more ease and detachment as we effectively transform emotional and mental patterns that no longer serve us. Resistance and fear dissolve into deeper understandings, equanimity and inspiration. 


You will also receive messages from your own team of Ascended Masters that will come forth to support you. These benevolent Beings of Light offer a high level of mentorship. They have been through the ascension process themselves and have stabilized in the higher frequencies of other dimensions that are now available to us.


Through the Quantum Light Practice, you will fully realize that you are never alone. You will know without a doubt that you are unconditionally loved and supported by the Inner Divinity. You’ll become adept in your alignment with Gaia, finding a wellspring of inner strength to face your most challenging moments.


Claim your divine birthright of freedom and joy no matter what!


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