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3 Ways to Feel Like a Mayan Princess in Cozumel, Mexico

April 08, 2018

Being a woman in our contemporary culture is fabulous! More opportunities are available to us than ever before in history. It can also be very demanding as we fulfill our multiple roles as lovers and wives, mothers and homemakers, business owners and more. Sometimes we have so many people and tasks to take care of, there just doesn’t seem to be any time to take care of ourselves. So let’s take a look at what a Mayan Princess would do to get back on track…


1. Go on a Retreat with other Women

In ancient times, the power of the sisterhood was deeply understood. There is nothing better than letting loose with your closest friends who know you best and offer unconditional love and support. The Mayan women were known to go on pilgrimage with other women at transitional times in their lives. In Cozumel, the archeological site SanGervasio serves as a testimony to this practice. When we visit a sacred site, follow the same path that millions of women have traveled before us with the intention to pray and offer blessings, we have the opportunity to energetically connect with those women and uplift ourselves with the magic of the place.


2. Raise your Vibration

Find a local guide of Mayan descent to take you on a tour of sacred places. Ask them to share with you the ancient stories and mythology of the site for a richer and more authentic experience. Connect with the other women in your group with meditation and breathing practices that will prepare you to experience the vibrations that emanate from the site. In the temple shrine of San Gervasio, you will encounter Ix Chel, the Mayan Goddess of the Moon, who is highly revered. She protects the fertility of women and the souls of the dead.

This image of Divine Feminine Power reveals to us contemporary women that we hold everything within us, the darkness as well as the light, energies that cycle through us continuously.

We can honor and allow these cycles in our lives, instead of judging them and trying to control our emotions. We can approach our daily lives with acceptance and self-love. When that inner sense of wellbeing becomes the foundation from which we take action in the world, we can know that we are operating from a high vibration.


3. Surrender to your Inner Guidance

When we value the much needed downtime of our lives, as well as the more active and outwardly productive times, we no longer have to be so demanding of ourselves. No matter how things appear in the outer world, we know how to feel good about ourselves. As you raise your vibration on retreat, share your experience with your soul sisters amidst the energies of a sacred site, you also connect with your own heart and who you truly are inside, discovering the guidance that is always there for you.


Listen to and follow that voice, it truly is your own power that is speaking to you!
Ultimately you are the only one that can know what is right for you. Yes, you still have your responsibilities at home, your job and your children, but only you can know what is working for you and what no longer serves you. In this time away from your daily routine, you will find the space to nurture your true and authentic self. You will return to your home refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the tasks ahead with the grace and clarity of a Mayan Princess!



Ana Estrada is the founder and owner of Transformative Destinations. As a Travel Curator, she combines her passion for Spirituality, Art History and Archeology to create life-changing adventures that nourish the souls of contemporary travelers.

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